Twinkle Khanna On Being Labelled India’s Highest Selling ‘Woman’ Author


Previous performing artist and now writer Twinkle Khanna as of late discharged her new book Pajamas Are Forgiving (Juggernaut books), her third after Mrs Funnybones and The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad. Subsequent to starting her tryst with composing as a journalist, Khanna has just gone from solidarity to quality as an essayist. We as of late inquired as to whether she was happy with being named India’s Highest Selling ‘Lady’ Author.

“All things considered, in any event I’m progressing admirably. I’ve still not possessed the capacity to break the number the men are raking up. I don’t know whether it is a sexual orientation thing however at one point I will. This has inspired nothing to do with the numbers however I was perusing a meeting with a writer and he said he gets up at 6 in the first part of the day, at that point he does pooja, peruses the papers, at that point he goes to his investigation and begins composing – and this man has composed numerous smash hits. What’s more, I was reasoning, I need what he has, which isn’t ability, however a spouse. Clearly, there’s some lady going around motivating the children to class while he’s perusing these four papers. I don’t have that time! I’m not saying we’re not hitting the numbers thus but rather it’s only one of the differences of being an alternate sex,” she says.

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